clare grizard

Clare is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga. Her own experience with the practice began at a time when she needed it most. Evolving from working through old injuries and life events her continued practice of yoga gradually gave her a greater feeling of steadiness and ease in both body and mind.

Yoga quickly became her passion and an essential part of her daily life. Clare’s classes are about creating a space where you can switch off from the outside world and connect back to yourself. Uniting breath, body and mind in the practice of yoga.

With small classes in a comfortable and peaceful space you can experience true relaxation through yoga and meditation.

Clare teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga. 


Yana kovarski

Yana is a Registered Yoga Teacher (Level 1) with a background in Psychology & Psychotherapy, an ongoing degree in Osteopathy and further qualifications in ayurvedic massage and meditation.

Apart from her  love of yoga and all things breath and anatomy, she practices Capoeira and travels with her kids when time permits.

Yana's styles of teaching include Hatha, Alignment Based, Vinyasa and Pranayama.



sonja Mapleston

Following 15 + years of practice, yoga became an enriching source of calm in Sonja's life. She became empowered to teach yoga after experiencing the numerous benefits of prenatal yoga and active birth techniques with her daughter.

She is inspired to guide people, particularly women, to enhance their mental and physical well being, building strength and resilience through the practice of yoga.

Her aim is to design yoga classes that are inclusive, compassionate and balanced - teaching mindful movement with safety, warmth and clarity.

Sonja teaches Prenatal yoga, Hatha and Restorative yoga. 



Anne is passionate about turning back the ageing clock through stretch therapy and yoga.    As a Nutrition Coach, Diabetes Food Advisor and Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Anne comes to us with over 6 years’ experience working with the magnificently mature age group. 

If you’re over 40, 50 and even 60, this is the class for you.    Anne’s expertise takes into consideration the aches, pains and restrictions of the older body and will help you find your agility and vitality again.  

Anne teaches Hatha, Yin and Stretch for mobility and flexibility.’ 



David Mapleston

David started practising yoga in 2007 to help weekly football recovery and improve flexibility. Luckily, his first teacher was an excellent teacher of technique and a hard task master. In over a year of practice he was never allowed to leave the beginner’s class!

Over the last ten years he has been influenced by a number of excellent teachers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and David tries to take a little bit from each and add it to his own studies of sequencing and teaching of postures.

David hopes his students leave his classes feeling calm, strong and ready for the remainder of their day.